[Snort-users] install with postgresql

jamie db at ...7205...
Thu Oct 17 07:17:04 EDT 2002

snort 1.9 appears to start, but ./snortd status
indicates `snort dead but subsys locked.` message

pg_hba.conf is configed to auth all local users
postgresql.conf has tcpip=socket = true

output database: log, postgresql, user=root
    dbname=snortdb password=snort host=localhost
 output database: alert, postgresql, user=root dbname=snortdb

also I see the following messages upon restart of snort:
`rm: cannot remove /var/log/snort/alert` no such file or

if I create the alert file then snort appears to restart but 
the file is removed and upon next restart the error message 
appears again

Seeking configuration assistance...

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