[Snort-users] please help ID payload info

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Thu Oct 17 00:38:03 EDT 2002

It could also be any url (inbound or outbound afaik) that contains "passwd".
(iirc, it might be a bit more specific). 
I often get false positives for this with groupware/weblog type traffic.

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Well, first did you check to see if this is actually coming from your 
webserver, or an external one? You left any details about that out, so I 
figure it's worth asking just to be sure. If it's an external webserver, I 
bet it's a webpage containing sample output from a security check tool.

also you claim that's similar to content sent out via email... do you have 
some sort of webmail access going where you might be accessing those emails 
from your webserver, causing it to legitimately send that content?

If that's actually coming from your webserver, and you don't have webmail, 
I'd check for security updates on ALL the webserver tools I was running 
running if I were you :)

At 09:46 AM 10/15/2002 -0600, Randy Bey wrote:
>I am getting a WEB-MISC /etc/passwd hit occasionally, and it has me
>worried. How the heck are they getting what looks like the contents of
>the /etc directory?

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