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Wed Oct 16 08:29:02 EDT 2002

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On Wednesday 16 October 2002 23:09, gimmi gionnini wrote:
> Hi, I'm using snort logging on mysql db
> there's a way to push automatically an IP logged on the db by some kind of
> rule (..I mean the rule itself is the trigger for this action... 'react'
> 'll be useful? ) in some variable like $EVIL_NET IN snort.conf???
> or in a more general situation there is a way in which, if I log a
> particular activity from an IP, I begin from here to log ALL the activity
> from/to this IP ??

You are describing tagging... Look up the 'tag' keyword in the snort manual.

> In a bare way I was thinking on a script that access the db, get the value,
> stop snort, reconfigure snort.conf with the updeted VAR, restart
> snort.....probably a busy way, and after all, what will trig the script?
> any kind of suggestion or alternatives ways for resolve this problem will
> be very pleased

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