[Snort-users] Changing the filename format for alerts

Matt Yackley Matt.Yackley at ...5858...
Tue Oct 15 13:07:03 EDT 2002

Thanks Erek, but I think I tried to go that route once before and it really
didn't seem to work for my situation, I think I have a bit of a funky setup.
I'm using SnortSnarf and Snort on a linux box, 3 nics, 2 are stealthed to
watch inside and outside the firewall.  I run two separate instances of
Snort and SnortSnarf, one for each side of the firewall.  I run a weeks
worth of data then tar the whole html tree that snortsnarf creates and ftp
it to a windows machine.  Once on the windows box the whole tree get burned
to a CD for storage so all I need to do is drop the CD in any PC and
navigate through the HTML just like it was on the server.

Anyway that's my messed up way of viewing and archiving data, but it works
for me.  I ran into all kinds of issues between Snort and SnortSnarf and
trying to use : and then try the renaming route, etc., but the best way for
me is to just use _ instead.

Your suggestion may work well for others though, thanks again for the help.

BTW, I'm forced to use Outlook and I love seeing your Outlook flag!


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On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Matt Yackley wrote:

> Tim, I'm in the same boat as you and won't be able to go to 1.9.0 until
> is figured out, since I don't know much about programming, I sent the
> file of to a programmer I know to see if he can tell me what to change.
> Time to see who is quicker, the list or my friend! :-)

Errr...  Make it simpler.  Use 'mv'.  :)  mv then use ftp.  I'm going to
assume that your ftping from the win32 box--If so, check your ftp client for
'auto-rename' option.  IIRC, quite a few of them have that.

If you are running Snort on win32, then the code correctly names the file to
something useable by win32 boxes.

Erek Adams

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