[Snort-users] Migrating from 1.8.6 to 1.9.0 and updating the MySQL-DB scheme, any docs outthere?

Gene Gomez gegomez at ...6324...
Thu Oct 10 16:43:02 EDT 2002

Yeah, seriously, I upgraded last night when I downloaded a copy of the new
snortrules.tar.gz from the web site and found that they needed 1.9.0 to run.
The db schema update from 1.05 to 1.06 was the biggest issue, mostly because
I couldn't find any documentation on how to upgrade manually.
After reading the db plugin documentation and noting what had changed in the
schema, I decided to read the create_mysql database creation script to
figure out what the new field (sensor.last_cid, I think) was supposed to
look like in the database and I manually updated the table, then updated the
schema.vseq in the same way.  Later on I found this in the ChangeLog:

2002-09-03  Roman Danyliw <roman at ...438...>

       * src/output-plugin/spo_database.c

         - DB schema v106
         - Added the sensor.last_cid field to the schema so the
           database can store the last used cid for a given sensor.
           This field will ensure that a cid will never be reused.

           Upgrading from v105 -> v106 is as simple as:

           mysql> ALTER TABLE sensor ADD last_cid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL;
           mysql> UPDATE schema SET vseq=106;

            psql> ALTER TABLE sensor ADD last_cid INT8;
            psql> UPDATE schema SET vseq=106;

         - Improved error messages

I would have LOVED to have seen this in the db plugin documentation instead
of hidden in the ChangeLog.  :)
What the heck is sensor.last_cid used for anyway?  There's some funky number
in there that I don't recognize attached to sensor 1 (my only sensor).


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see the subject ;).

I couldn't find anything in the docs dir...



Edin Dizdarevic

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