[Snort-users] logging when the connection to MySQL is lost

Steve Halligan giermo at ...187...
Thu Oct 10 08:37:04 EDT 2002

Snort goes *BOOM*

However, if you log to unified and use Barnyard to log to the DB (Which you
should be doing), Barnyard will "spin" until the db server comes back
online.  At least for MySQL it will.


>simple question, what happens when I configure snort to use the
>database-output for mySQL and the connection to the 
>mySQL-Server is lost, becauseof :
>a) when logging local mySQL crashes 
>b) when logging over a network a problem with the network occurs
>c) when using stunnel to encrypt the traffic between snort an 
>mySQL stunnel
>Are these alerts lost or are they stored somewhere local on the

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