[Snort-users] Attention: Win32 Users - Snort 1.9.0 "STABLE RELEASE" Binaries Available

Michael Steele michaels at ...155...
Wed Oct 9 14:02:03 EDT 2002

To all Windows users of Snort:

Please read all the notices below.

The latest 1.9.0 STABLE binaries have been compiled and are now
available on our site. There are now 9 flavors available:


NOTICE: You MUST update the complete package if you are migrating from
Snort 1.8x 

NOTICE: The "Run as Service" is now a Windows feature of Snort
(whoohoo), and is ONLY available for the following Windows environments:

IMPORTANT: You MUST use the Service Release!

1. 2000 Professional / 2000 Server Family
2. XP Pro / XP .NET Server Family
3. NT Server 4 (latest service pack).

The basic usage is as follows:

Note: COMPLETELY remove any previous installation of Snort running as a
service, even Registry settings, then reboot. If you have any concerns
or questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

There are three command switches that Snort uses for the Service


Explanation of Service options:

CAUTION: All the switches MUST be used from the folder that Snort is
located in. If Snort is located in C:\Snort then navigate to that folder
and type the command from there.

This will install Snort as a service with the specified parameters: 
"snort /SERVICE /INSTALL -de -c <FULL PATH>\snort.conf -l <FULL

This will remove snort as a service: 

This will display the parameters: 

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