[Snort-users] Segfault on Alpha 1.9.0

Kunos Péter Kunos.Peter at ...3833...
Wed Oct 9 04:05:07 EDT 2002

Seriously...  More info is needed:

	Version of Snort


	OS and Version

Linux, Debian 3.0, kernel 2.4.18 pcap 6.2
Machine: Alphaserver 1200, DEC Alpha ev56

	How do you start it?

snort -i <eth iface> -vde -l /<logfile path>

Yes, just for testing.

	How do you know it was Snort that caused it (snort) to exit?

How can i tell that it wasn't? :)
I started it in console mode (not daemon).

	What's the segfault msg?  ('gdb snort core' and then 'bt' would be
helpful--More info in the BUGS file in the tarball.)

"Segmentation fault" Nothing more. It runs for a few seconds. No core dump. 
But some "[!] WARNING: IP Len field is 6 bytes smaller than captured length." messages are on the console, i think this must be a clue.

Without logging (-l) snort runs fine. With binary (-b at the end) logging snort runs fine.

(And every version of snort produces "unaligned trap" kernel messages on this machine, but it's an other story)

And the most important:  Tip your bartender.  :-P

Always. I told him that Outlook is evil, but his english is worse than mine.

Peter Kunos

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