[Snort-users] Snort version comparisons

larc larc at ...1187...
Wed Oct 9 02:55:05 EDT 2002


Here is a list that use for the development of snortcenter

commandline: -R option

rule options: rawbytes, distance, within, flow, frag
telnet decode: port-list
frag2: min_ttl, ttl_limit
stream4: min_ttl ttl_limit
http_decode: totaly new preprocessor
ASN1_decode: new preprocessor
conversation: new preprocessor
portscan2: new preprocessor
database: ignore_bfp

There are also some other new preprocessors, but they are still experimental.

If I forgot some other things, please let me know.

Stefan Dens

 Sabari Devadoss <sabari at ...690...> wrote:
>Can anyone point me to a location which contains a listing of the
>feature changes/additions from one version of snort to the next?
>For example:  Comparison of 1.8.7 vs 1.9.0

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