[Snort-users] Re: Red Hat 8 and Snort

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Mon Oct 7 10:43:04 EDT 2002

Alex Pinheiro Machado Rodrigues schrieb:

>I downloaded the #1 iso, but still "FAIL" at the self test. The checksum is
>ok. I burned 4differents CD (CDR/CDRW), without success..
>Any tip?

ignore the error and skip testing and try it
mount the "iso" as loopdevice
and do a install via nfs / ftp / http


mkdir /mnt/loop
mount /path/to/psyche-disc1-i386.iso /mnt/loop -o loop

the  bootnet.img  is on the disc1
(or download it from redhat /mirrors   folder "os"   not "iso")
you need a second floppy for the drivers/modules.img
i dont know the correct name of the image

under win/dos  with    rawrite
under unix  with    dd if=/path/to/floppy.img of=/dev/fd0

in the   /etc/exports   you can edit
/mnt/loop    *(rw)

service nfs restart

you can boot from the floppy and choose the installation via nfs

put in the:
ip-adress of the nfs-server

it should work
you can mount iso2 and iso3 when he brings an error

good luck

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