[Snort-users] Logging to non local database

Wayne T Work securitygauntlet at ...3130...
Mon Oct 7 08:18:07 EDT 2002

The latest version of mysql does not need compiling. It comes as a BINARY
pre-compiled. If you just get the Bin and ungzip/untar you should have all
the files you need. It is looking for the basic source code files within the
program (Mysql)


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> absolutely! Just point the output line in the snort.conf file to the IP

I know this line, but:

If (e.g.) mySQL is not installed I can not compile snort with mySQL-Options.
Do you know what files I need? I also tried to compile it on another machine
but after copying it back it still claims of missing mySQL-Files...

Thanks, Helmut

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