[Snort-users] Initializing Output Plugins!

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at ...6257...
Sun Oct 6 13:35:02 EDT 2002

Quoting Erek Adams (erek at ...577...):
> > I was wondering, what sets pv.quiet_flag to true so snort doesn't blurt
> > 'Initializing Output Plugins!' and 'Initializing Plugins!' at each
> > start?  I tried to read the source to find it, but I couldn't easily
> > see.
> Try -? and/or the man page.  :)

Ofcourse I did, quite obvious -q should stop these messages, but it
doesn't... I added the -q flag, but still it prints these messages:

[22:33] [root at ...7086...: .. debian/snort/snort-1.9.0] # /etc/init.d/snort start
Starting Network Intrusion Detection System: snortInitializing Output Plugins!
[22:33] [root at ...7086...: .. debian/snort/snort-1.9.0] # 


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