[Snort-users] Executing SQL (postgresql) to get results?

Kevin Brown Kevin.M.Brown at ...1022...
Fri Oct 4 13:13:06 EDT 2002

 The ip address are store in the database as one number rather than four
octets of numbers as in the pre-100 schema.  I know there is functions in
MySQL to do the conversion back to a dotted octet, but don't know about

e.g. would be store in the database as:

120 * 256^3 + 210 * 256^2 + 140 * 256 + 16 = 2027064336

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Subject: [Snort-users] Executing SQL (postgresql) to get results?

I am wanting to create a view in postgresql to show me the signature
ipdst and timestamp and I can' figure out how I would do this with the
the database is currently setup. I see no reference to any ip addresses 
anywhere in the database. The reason I am wanting to do this is because
am currently using ACID and its slow as Christmas archiving and deleting

data from the database. I want to use EXPLAIN to test out why this is
case. Thanks again.

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