[Snort-users] Snort 1.9 and ACID?

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Fri Oct 4 07:50:04 EDT 2002

I just upgraded from snort 1.8.7 to 1.9 and Acid 0.9.6b21 still seems to be
working like a charm...  This is a win32 setup!!!

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Subject: [Snort-users] Snort 1.9 and ACID?

Great news Snort 1.9 released as stable code!!  

Now the question is - does ACID at 0.9.6b21 support the new snortdb schema
106? Or does any higher version of ACID exist that is stable ( I know b22 is
in CVS - but has Roman blessed it as a stable release because I don't see it
on the CERT site) and supports snortdb schema 106?

Can't wait to get 1.9 into testing - I know, I'm chicken, I don't do beta
until those who really know what their doing say its OK.


Mike Pacheco

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