[Snort-users] ACID

Lefevre, Steven SLefevre at ...7076...
Fri Oct 4 07:30:08 EDT 2002

Hey folks -

Just got Snort up and running for our small office connection to a T-1 line.

I've read throught the snort manual and other documents. They describe well
how to start snort and all the command line options, but the problem I'm
having is now I don't know what to do with the log. (So don't give me RTFM -
I did and the info is not in there. Or else, please specify which manual! )

I guess I'm looking for a document that teaches you a little about what the
alerts mean and what to do about them. I know I need a little education on
TCP-IP. Maybe "Snort for dummies"?

I don't see any problems currently, but if some weird stuff does find its
way into the log, I think I would be lost.

TIA! Steve

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