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Wed Oct 2 06:40:35 EDT 2002

May be a stupid question but is the interface up? 

I've setup several Redhat 7.x Snort boxes with IPless NICs and they have
always worked fine, as long as I bring up the NIC before starting Snort.
Not sure if this applies much to BSD, but I leave the NIC for Snort
unconfigured and it does not automatically start, first step in launching
snort is to do an ifconfig ethx up.



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At 04:04 PM 10/1/02, Dallas Jordan wrote:
>I am pretty new to snort, so forgive my ignorance.  I have FreeBSD 4.5 and
>Snort 1.8.1.  I am trying to set Snort up to monitor an interface with no
>address.  But I cant seem to get it to log anything to the /var/log/snort
>directory.  When I start Snort everything appears to be fine.  I use the -v
>flag to see if it is "seeing" anything, and I can see lots of packets on
>monitor.  But none are getting logged.

I had the same problem using Red Hat 7.*.  I don't know about BSD.  If I 
configured the interface with no ip address, snort saw nothing.  If I gave 
it an address of and specified what interface snort should listen 
on -- it would work.

Hope this helps....

-- Joe

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