[Snort-users] Easy move to Linux platform

Nick Elliott nick_e at ...6582...
Wed Nov 27 09:32:04 EST 2002

Hello all

If any of you are considering moving from your nice warm Windows platform to
Linux, but are daunted by the prospect as a newcomer to it, I can highly
recommend Easy IDS from Argus. There is a proliferation of (mostly free!)
tools and packages for this platform that makes it a much more powerful
prospect for IDS than Windows imho.

I've managed to get two RedHat 8.0 Snort sensors with Mysql and Acid going
with few difficulties even as a total Linux novice. Idiot questions I asked
of Argus were dealt with swiftly. Now I just have to learn how to use

Please note I don't have any connection with Argus commercial or otherwise.

Nick Elliott

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