[Snort-users] XML Log parsers

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Fri Nov 22 22:16:03 EST 2002

Yes, I just finished a hyper link to the reference i.e whitehats/info, bugtraq, url and stuff. the iphdr info will be retrieved when you right click and choose header info.
I am trying to finish by next week so i can release, thanks for the feedback

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  You must have been reading my mind!  I have been looking for the past couple of weeks for a
  Win32 Based tool that will parse snort xml output into a more "reader friendly" output!
  I particularly like that you have the timestamp and signature in the viewer.  
  Will you also be including a link so that a user can "dig" further into the particular alert (i.e. look at the 
  tcp hdr info etc...)???
  I look forward to your release.  Thanks for the hard work!
  CTO & HBIC (Head Bubba in Charge)
  Cybersniper Research Labs
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