[Snort-users] Still ACID

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Fri Nov 22 05:06:09 EST 2002

What was the configure options you used to compile PHP? - Did you use the
apxs option?  This one always works for me. - Did you use --with-gd ?  Do
you have libpng installed and in the path?  Do you have libjpeg installed
and in the path?  These are the issues a ran up against and fixed one at a
time.  What version ACID? 21 uses phpplot, 22 went to jpgraph - different
installs.  What version php - 4.2.3 is most recent.  Specifics please.  The
actual word for word ./configure is best.  

My personal habit is to make a myinstallv1.sh with the configure options and
pipe output to a install.txt so I can read it through for compile time
errors instead of trying to catch them on the scroll.  Then just cp
myinstallv1.sh to v2 , modify and try again etc... - that way you know what
you have tried and have a version record.


--- Sorry for the soapbox, I go off on an angle sometimes

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I managed successfully logging to postgre. Now I wan't to install ACID.
Using http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/~rdanyliw/snort/acid_config.html
doesn't really help because:
"If PHP has been configured correctly, at least one chart graphic should be
seen on this page. Otherwise, PHP has not been configured correctly with GD

Great, I can't get php running, I am trying for 2 weeks now..

ANYBODY who could help me? Using OpenBSD32, apache1.3.26, recent php. When
clicking on *.php it asks me if I wan't to open, or save. Any links are
*really* welcome!

Thanks a lot, Helmut <really_frustrated>

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