[Snort-users] Snort alerts

Thierry lenaig at ...143...
Fri Nov 15 06:44:11 EST 2002

Me i don not have exactly the same pb than philippe, i mean, that snort is 
writing correctly on /var/log/snort, but is not writing on my database 
The user is correct, the password is correct, i can connect by hand, but i 
don 't understand why snort 1.9 don't want to do it...??


15/11/2002 14:34:10, "Philippe Dhont   (Sea-ro)" <Philippe.Dhont at ...7048...> a 

>I installed snort with apache, mysql, php and acid on a linux system.
>It reads data from an internal NT server.
>And now for testing i scan all the ports on that NT server with another
>windows pc but i get no alerts in my acid.
>Why not ?
>Philippe Dhont 
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Thierry Stephan 

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