[Snort-users] Snort 1.9.0 Postgresql problems and a walkaround ?

Kirill Alder-Ponazdyr lists at ...7443...
Thu Nov 7 14:30:06 EST 2002


This was posted to the list just few days ago, but so far no answers are here yet, we are getting the following error when starting snort with PgSQL output plugin for the first time:

database: postgresql_error: ERROR:  ExecAppend: Fail to add null value in not null attribute last_cid

database: Problem obtaining SENSOR ID (sid) from snort->sensor

This is defenately not the rights problem since we have tried the same with DB superuser.

Anyone has an idea ? I was able to temporary solve the problem by removing NOT NULL @ last_cid at the DB init SQL, but do not know what effect this would have on a long term operation.

Please advise.

Best Regards


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