[Snort-users] Small Footprint system for sensors

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Guy Bruneau (SANS IDS Instructor) has created a custom Slackware Distro
called ShadowSlack. The newest version 2.3 includes the latest Snort 1.9.
Also handy because it aslso comes with Shadow IDS and you can choose to use
either or both. You can get it at www.whitehats.ca <http://www.whitehats.ca>

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Hello all,
I'm looking for a small profile system to run as Snort sensors throughout my
organization.  They don't need to have much hard drive space as I log
everything to a central DB for post processing.  What about one of those
small systems that run embedded Linux?  Anyone running those with Snort?
What I'd like to find is some kind of system, maybe about the size of a
small router, that could handle a small to medium office.  Obviously
something without the need for keyboard and mouse, and with support for
multiple network interfaces.  Does anything like this exist?  
Oh yeah, and of course the lower the cost, the better!  ;-)
Thank you for any assistance you can provide!
Joshua Scott
Security Systems Analyst, CISSP

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