[Snort-users] Two Ethernet Interfaces?

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Tue Nov 5 06:40:10 EST 2002

Hi Mike, I run all my sensors with dual nics, but there would not be an
issue with a single nic. I use dual nics for security reasons. All logging
to my database and my access for management and maintenance is done through
1 nic, the second nic runs in promiscuous mode and does the logging. The
promiscuous mode nic has no stack (no ip address), and attaches to the
monitored net using a one ay cable. I am also monitoring 10mbit pipes with
my sensors and have no performance issues.
Snort runs in promiscuous mode when you start it, as far as I know that
isn't an option.


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I was wondering if it was absolutely necessary to have TWO ethernet
interfaces for the Snort sensor? Is this done for security or performance
issues? I would think that if you had one interface it would work fine if
there wasn't a lot of traffic. However, I would like to run in promisc mode,
as I could "catch" more traffic that way, so I would assume if you wanted to
run in promisc mode you would have to have two ethernet interfaces, true?

Thanks in advance for you help.


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