[Snort-users] Email alert and porscan.log on a daily basis

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Fri May 31 23:16:01 EDT 2002

get kiwi syslog, i have a snort running via service and use pstools
psservice utility to stop the service using a batch file, which then moves
the current logs to another directory, then restarts the service, creating
new logs, then at midnight i setup syslog to archive the directory by
renaming the files to a datetime stamp, it works for me that way, next step
for your request would be to use a command line send mail program and write
a batch file to send the logs from that location, syslog can be setup to run
a program/batch file at the end of the archival process.


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  I would like to setup SNORT to email the alert and portscan information
for each day, on a daily basis to multiple recipients.  Does anyone have
recommendations on a good way to go about doing this?


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