[Snort-users] Pretty Reports for Management

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Fri May 31 16:12:02 EDT 2002

If you are not already familiar with ARIS you might wish to have a look at 
it. They have an "extractor" that works on both Win32 and *nix platforms that 
will parse the data from the alert.ids and the portscan.log files and SSL it 
up to ARIS. There are some nice graphical reporting capabilities that may be 
useful for management type reporting.



> Hello all,
> The management at my company would like some pretty Snort reports.  Maybe
> with things they can click on and nice graphs :)  I'm sure this question 
> has
> been asked before, but what's everyone's favourite report generator?  I've
> found a bunch of them but figured I'd ask the experts their opinions first.
> Thanks,
> Donna

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