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I forgot to copy the list on my reply, but then I made a typo on it, so
here we go again, corrected....

I interpreted the transactions listed as:
Webserver:80 -> Browser:3372    (Reply)

So I assume somewhere in the packets stream is a:
Browser:3372 -> Webserver:80    (original request)

If this assumption is correct, it could be a false positive.

I see false positives a lot when I'm reading about IDS and virus
signatures and the actual content delivered contains the signature, and
a port of 80.  

Notice in the alert the internal address listed as the destination
appears to be receiving a reply from a server from which a request was
made?  The source, not the destination, is on port 80.


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Snort LAN sensor
Here is the line from acid :
      DOS MSDTC attempt

How is this possible? is a proxy machine taht doesn't have
ip. How somebody can connect to non-routable ip from the outside world?
Or should I interpret this line as something else?


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