[Snort-users] shellcode error

matt mkettler at ...4108...
Thu May 30 13:58:05 EDT 2002

Yeah, and the latest snort rules tarball should also include a snort.conf 
containing a SHELLCODE_PORTS variable.. put that in your snort.conf and it 
should work fine.

Don't assume that the baseline snort.conf is unchanged when updating your 
rule sets, it is VERY common for it to have new variables used by the new 

At 04:25 PM 5/30/2002 -0400, Hugo Ferr wrote:
>Downloaded latest stable rules for Snort 1.8.6, when I stort snort I get the
>[!] ERROR ./snortrules/shellcode.rules(14) => Bad port number:
>Fatal Error, Quitting..
>The only thing I've found on the web suggests:
>"Probably your variable SHELLCODE_PORTS is not defined or misconfigured in
>snort.conf file."
>I don't have this variable in snort.conf
>(When I disable shellcode rules snort starts fine, but....what the hell..it
>should work with those rules as well :-)
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