[Snort-users] schema version 104

Hugo Ferr snortgrp at ...125...
Thu May 30 13:42:04 EDT 2002

Upgraded to 1.8.6, when snorts starts it says:
database: schema version = 104
database: The database is using an older version of the DB schema

In the snort 1.8.3 distro there was a directory 'scripts' that had a
mysql_install_db script that was used to initialize mysql databases and
probably upgrade the db schema (I may be wrong about that). It is no longer
in 1.8.6 distro (btw, anyone knows why?)

FAQ says:
You are using an older database schema, and should update it by running the
 create scripts from the /contrib directory of the source tarball.

Should I run ./create_mysql frim here?

This the solution to change the vseq number but it looks like a workaround
for me, not a real thing:
INSERT INTO schema (vseq, ctime) VALUES ('105', now());
DELETE FROM schema WHERE vseq = '104';

Pls advise on what should I do, I don't want to scre up production machine
my doing things I'm not really sure of.


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