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Ed McMan essmilee at ...5068...
Thu May 30 07:44:09 EDT 2002

Wednesday, May 29, 2002, 3:01:00 PM, Rose, Jerry L SAJ Contractor wrote:

RJLSC> Here's the problem. I've got alerts being logged 
RJLSC> with timestamps later than the current time (approx. 
RJLSC> 4 hours into the future). I'm running ntpd on all 
RJLSC> three servers. I've run the "date" command on all 
RJLSC> three servers to visually verify the proper date 
RJLSC> and time is set on all three servers. I've cranked 
RJLSC> up "#snort -v" then "ctrl-c" and the timestamps are 
RJLSC> correct on standard out.

Hmm, strange.  What happens if you manually insert a time into the
table?  Does it show up with the correct time or the future one?

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