[Snort-users] Stubbourn Pcap Error

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Mon May 27 13:24:12 EDT 2002

Try testing your WinPCap installation, a good starting source of information 
is the WinPCap FAQ:


#5 States: Q-5: The XXX WinPcap-based application doesn't run properly on my 
system. Is it a WinPcap problem?A: Try <A HREF="http://netgroup.polito.it/windump">Windump</A>. In particular, "windump -D" 
reports the list of valid adapters and shows if WinPcap is able to detect 
correctly your hardware. If WinDump works, the problem is in the XXX program 
and not in WinPcap, so contact the authors of XXX for help.

The FAQ will also tell you how to check to see if the packet driver is 

Finally, you might find it useful to install microsoft's support tools, on 
the win2k disk, \support\tools\. The run the support tool netdiag.exe in the 
verbose mode...
netdiag -v
This gives you a whole lot of network and nic diagnostic info.

I have on occasion run into a bad win32k build of snort. Verify the WinPCap 
installation is working correctly first and then go from their.

Hope this helps, Cliff Arms

> Hello all,
> I have been trying to install snort on a new setup (Windows 2000
> Server/IIS5) and have been getting the following error:
>     ERROR: OpenPcap() device open: Error opening adapter: Overlapped i/o
> operation is in progress.
> Additionally, when runnign snort -W, i see the following:
>     Interface    Device    Description
>     1
> I ran into a similar issue which reinstalling WinPcap helped, but i've 
> tried
> redoing it 5 times to no avail. Any ideas???
> Thanks in advance,
> John Hicks
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