[Snort-users] Barnyard 0.1.0 beta5 released

Andrew R. Baker andrewb at ...1935...
Mon May 27 08:44:02 EDT 2002

Barnyard version 0.1.0 beta5 has been released and is available for 
download at:

This version should fix all of the known bugs with Barnyard.

A few notes about this release:

* Barnyard is now licensed under the Q Public License.
* Sourceforge CVS is not being updated and has been removed.  All
   releases of Barnyard are available from www.snort.org.
* sid-msg.map, classification.config, and gen-msg.map are no longer
   included in the Barnyard distribution.  These files are available
   in the Snort distribution.
* You need to be using Snort >= 1.8.7  (beta releases are ok) for
   Barnyard to function properly.


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