[Snort-users] Cron Script

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Thu May 23 14:00:03 EDT 2002

If it works from your shell, then it should work fine in cron.  There really isn't any programming to it.  Just create a script, which really only entails creating a text file that contains the script, placing it in your sbin or desired location, and setting chmod 755. The create the crontab for the user that's running the script:
crontab -u [user]
And edit it:
crontab -u [user] -e
The above steps can be combined.  Then edit the crontab, calling the script that you created and specifying how often you want it to run.  For details on this see "man cron".

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	I need help in creating a simple script to run the following hourly in cron. 

	perl /home/blah/SnortSnarf-020516.1/snortsnarf.pl /var/log/snort/alert -d /var/x/html/ 

	I have zero knowledge of programming.  This command works fine if executed but I can't seem to write a useful script.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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