[Snort-users] 2 NICS

Tom McComb tmccomb at ...5923...
Thu May 23 08:46:02 EDT 2002

sounds like a hardware issue at first glance. you lose connectivity to the
whole box, or snort just not seeing anything?

if it's hardware, try the obvious - different nic, different slot, etc. 

Also, with one of my (typically oddball) systems at home, one of my nics
just wouldn't do promiscious mode right at all (3com 3c595 w/ FreeBSD 4.5).
solved it by using my 2nd nic for the er, snorting, and the 595 for control
connection. Worked just fine that way. Thought I'd throw that in for good


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Trying to run snort with 2 nics. Every time I put the second nick in I lose
connectivity completely. I am running redhat 7.3. Any suggestions?



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