[Snort-users] Hardware Questions

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Wed May 22 05:43:03 EDT 2002

OK, hopefully two simple questions.

1) When using a switch to aggregate traffic from a copper tap to a monitored 
port for snort to sniff off. I am looking for the LEAST expense switch of 
other device to do this job, can anyone make suggestions as to any 
inexpensive switches that will perform this function? What is everyone using 
that works?

2) Second, I did some google searches the other day and was unsuccessful in 
location the most basic of devices, I guess no one makes them anymore. Does 
anyone know of a company that still makes a PASSIVE (non powered) ethernet 
(RJ45) hub (say 3-4 ports)? This used to be a common device 10-15 years  but 
seems impossible to find now.

Thanks in advance, Cliff
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