[Snort-users] Strange mail problem

Martin Forest martin at ...4069...
Tue May 21 15:57:03 EDT 2002

I have a strange problem with smtp resource.
The mdq service do not know my domain name and are adding (none) as a 
default domain name.
This in it's hand causes problem when the firewall is trying to deliver 
the mail to the internal mail server and uses secus.(none) in the helo 
Does any one know where mdq is looking for a domain name?
Does any one know where to set the domain name and syntacs for it?

I'm receiving the following information when starting mdq manually.
[root at ...5908... conf]# mdq
 mdq: local domain is (none)
 mdq: local host name is secus.(none)
 max_ips_per_mx_node - will be 1
 max_mx_node_per_mail - will be 5
 max_conns_per_site - will be 6
 max_conns - will be 40
 max_mails_per_conn - will be 20
 resend_period - will be 600
 abandon_time - will be 43200
 spool_limit - will be 20000
 spool_limit_scan_period - will be 20

A slightly more grey haired Martin

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