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Some very generic information is available here: < http://www4.gartner.com/DisplayTechOverview?id=320015 <http://www4.gartner.com/DisplayTechOverview?id=320015&acsFlg=accessBought#h9> &acsFlg=accessBought#h9>.  However, this is just market overview information.  More detailed information is available at a cost, although I think that most of what you'll find will pertain to Cisco, as Snort hasn't been "corporate" long enough to warrant a full analysis.
And it should go without saying that you should take anything coming from Gartner with more than a few grains of salt.  They tend to put out some pretty inflammatory "research."
As far as Snort-specific information is concerned, you might try going to Sourcefire, Silicon Defense, etc., who surely have some type of technical documentation for sales and marketing (procurement) purposes.

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I'm seeking any information people have on Snort vs Cisco NetRanger comparisons that may have been done professionally or for educational reasons. I'm seeking as much info as possible to provide a fair comparison of the two products to my organization for IDS solutions. We don't need gigabit performance or anything, something that does 100Mbps would be fine for a lonnnnggg time. I'm a big fan of Snort, but need more data to back my position.
I'd appreciate it if anyone could help.
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