[Snort-users] Snort comparisons

Piotr Bulczak piotr.bulczak at ...5615...
Mon May 20 11:44:02 EDT 2002

> I'm seeking any information people have on Snort vs  Cisco NetRanger
comparisons that may have been done professionally or for  educational
reasons. I'm seeking as
> much info as possible to provide a fair  comparison of the two products
to my organization for IDS solutions. We don't  need gigabit performance or
anything, something that
> does 100Mbps would be fine  for a lonnnnggg time. I'm a big fan of Snort,
but need more data to back my  position.

Look at the following web site:

Take 2nd edition of IDS test or wait about one month for 3rd edition.


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