[Snort-users] Automating Sensor Installation

Darren Young darren_young at ...131...
Sun May 19 14:00:03 EDT 2002

I've been in the market for a while for a dedicated
Linux sensor distro but have not found one. I have
several customers that I have installed Snort for and
have tired of installing Linux each and every time.
I'd like a distro that places linux on the hardware
(fairly standard), installs snort and leaves a simple
config script there at the end for me to configure the
rest with.

If anyone knows of such a beast, please let me know.
Otherwise, I am already building one based on
Slackware and am around 50% done. If you want to help
out, let me know.

What other distros are fairly simple to automate? I've
done RedHat before, but I really don't want all their
crap on a sensor. Just a really plain and simple

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