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Sat May 18 20:57:01 EDT 2002


No words of wisdom, but...

Are you doing this to a previously-captured binary log file, being
read back with -r, or to a binary log file at the moment of its capture?

(hmm.. Guess it wouldn't make any difference..)

man snort:

-B address-conversion-mask

Convert  all  IP  addresses  in  home-net to addresses specified by
address-conversion-mask.  Used to  obfuscate  IP  addresses  within
binary  logs.  Specify home-net with the '-h' switch.  Note this is
not the same as $HOME_NET.

Seems like it might be some part of:

-h -B

or somesuch on the command line?

As you might guess, I haven't tried it myself :-/

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On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 12:40:38PM -0500, Lance Spitzner wrote:
> Okay, playing with the -B option.  What is the proper command line
> syntax to permanenly change the IP addresses in a Snort binary log
> file?
> For example, I want to convert all IP addresses of to
> within a specific binary log.
> Words of wisdom?
> Thanks!
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> Lance Spitzner
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