[Snort-users] Don't see traffic unless have IP

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt glratt at ...604...
Sat May 18 12:41:03 EDT 2002

Hm. The same config works fine for me (Cisco 3524XL, Sun Ultra 10, Solaris).

You did "ifconfig {interface} up", even though the interface is
unaddressed, didn't you? If not, try that.


On Thu, 16 May 2002, Jhumri Tilayia wrote:

> Hello,
> I am mirroring traffic on a Cisco switch to the port where the Snort box is
> hanging off of. The interface on the Snort box has no IP address. The
> problem is that Snort does not see any traffic if that interface does not
> have an IP assigned to it. As soon as I assign any random IP to it it works
> just fine.
> Is it a known issue with Snort or does it sound like something to do with
> the switch (Cisco 6500) we are using ?
> Also, is it possible to use a port that sees all the mirrored traffic as a
> source port (i.e. can I connect to the interface hanging off of that port ?)
> Thanks.

				Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt
				Rice University Network Management
				glratt at ...604...

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