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Thu May 16 21:51:02 EDT 2002

I set up swatch to run with the following command:

swatch -c /usr/local/swatch/swatch.snort -t /var/log/messages 

the contents of the swatch.snort config file look like this:

/Snort analyzed/                        echo
/The kernel dropped/                    echo

Sending kill -10 to snort yield the first two lines of the stats to swatch:

May 16 23:43:55 yourhost snort: Snort analyzed 4955 out of 4956 packets,
May 16 23:43:55 yourhost snort: The kernel dropped 0(0.000%) packets

I suppose you could echo them anywhere... in fact, since swatch allows you
to run almost anything based on particular content, I am sure you could pass
the data into MRTG, NetSaint, or MySQL..but clearly something more crafty
than echoing to the console.

I had to edit swatch.pl to change the default location of tail to match

This is not really off-topic since performance of the sensors is everything.
I am going to go back through the listserv (since I know this is not a new
topic) and try to find all the methods people are using to gather this info.
I need to justify faster sensors or more span sessions somehow.


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Why not killall -10 snort
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> Sending SIGUSER1 to snort will dump the stats to syslog while the program
> continues to run.
> While I am still learning how to do this...
> If one were to write a script that grabs the pid from snort, either from a
> pid file or from a grep of ps -A , then send kill -10 to that pid, snort
> will dump the running stats to syslog (/var/log/messages on my RH 7.2)....
> I also tried piping the output to a file as you did, but since it always
> dumps it to the syslog, not the terminal, I am thinking I need to parse
> some how.
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> Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but:
> I'm using kill -30 on my OBSD-3.0 system to view the packet stats that
> generates.  I would like take this output and mail it to an email address,
> but I'm having no luck.  Here is what I have tried so far:
> kill -30 xxxx | mail -s "Snort Packet Stats" email at ...5892...
> kill -30 xxxx > snortstat.txt
> kill -30 xxxx | tee snortstat.txt
> Funny thing is, these work fine for sending other commands to a file or
> such, but not "kill" for some reason.

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