[Snort-users] Multiple Content (not working?)

Carlos Kumbak ckumbak at ...1331...
Thu May 16 18:30:02 EDT 2002


I agree with you both... but it's a solution to a
problem I have here.

I'm using qmail... and I didn't see anything (patch or
something) to do this what I need:

"IF e_mail_from_that_address AND
recipient_is_not_my_address THEN drop the connection."

I was trying to use snort to solve this problem... but
after some nights without even blink my eyes (a lot of
caffeine) trying to do it (unsucessful) I've decided do
ask help to this list.

So... lets go for the final question: (drums) :)
"Is it possible? If yes... how?"

Thanks once again.

Best Regards
Carlos ckumbak at ...1331...
Carlos Kumbak
ckumbak at ...1331...

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