[Snort-users] Snort Log Despoofer

Glenn Larsson ichinin at ...5794...
Thu May 16 03:00:03 EDT 2002

ScotScot wrote:
> Glenn,
> Are you providing source code to your Despoofer App? I'm pretty cautious
> about firing executables from unknown users. I think most would prefer to
> compile their own after reviewing the code.
> Just thought I would ask.
> Thankz

Hi Scot.

Do note; It's beta, i've only tried it in my Home network so even i
can't tell
with 100% accuracy how it will behave, even though it just read the
Alert file
and send ICMP_Echo to the hosts; Hence the warning - Do not use the
program in
a production environment.

Anyways, i've been thinking about releasing the sourcecode, if i decide
release it it'll probably be on My page or Sourceforge. It won't happen
today though - maby Saturday/Sunday.


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