[Snort-users] ACID Problem

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Thu May 16 00:48:03 EDT 2002

Yeah, it's weired isn't it?
I remember this being discussed before, but I have forgotten the answer, if
there was one.
Have search in google on the forums


>Anyone ever get this error before?
>PHP ERROR: Incompatible version: Version 4.2.0 of PHP is too old. Please
>upgrade to version 4.0.4 or later
>Doesn't make sense to me, since 4.2.0 is newer than 4.0.4.  I'm running on
>RedHat 7.1 and the ACID distribution that came with Snort-v1.8.3 which is
>v0.9.6b11,  PHP-v4.2.0, and apache-v2.0.35 and mysql v3.23.49

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