[Snort-users] Problem graphing in ACID w/Snort

Cloppert, Michael Michael.Cloppert at ...5884...
Wed May 15 09:58:03 EDT 2002

Okay, I'm a newbie to snort/acid/etc., so don't be too harsh on me here :-).
If there's a single link that answers my question that I simply haven't
seen, or if anyone can help me out, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Here's the vitals:
* RedHat LINUX 7.1
* MySQL 3.23
* Apache 2.0.35
* Snort 1.8.6
* PHP 4.2.0
* PHPlot 4.4.6
* ACID 0.9.6b21
* gd 2.0.1
* adodb

I've compiled all of these components (where applicable) from their source
using a decent number of documents as references for my "./configure"
makefile configuration.  My situation is that everything works
wonderfully.... with the single exception of graphing in ACID.  My events
are collected, logged, displayed, etc... by the appropriate components of
this IDS host.  When I run the phplot test page
(phplot/examples/test_setup.php), I get the following:
Test to see if GIF graphs work
Test to see if PNG graphs work
<nice looking line graph>
Test to see if jpeg graphs work
<lots of ascii crap>
<nice looking line graph, same as above>

My $chart_file_format variable is "png" in acid_conf.php -- the one format
that appeared to work without problem from the diagnostic page above.  I
suspect this is a problem either with my compile of PHP, gd, or apache...
but that's just a SWAG.

I've been through all the ACID, PHP, and apache pages dozens of times and I
just can't find anything that seems to work.  After many many recompiles and
re-./configure's, I'm just about to give up.  My problem is, I *need* this
capabililty in order to sell this as a valid solution to a reluctant
management team that hesitates at anything they don't pay a zillion dollars

Any help in any form would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for
the help and apologies if this is a dumb-newbie question.


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