[Snort-users] switch? for what?

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Wed May 15 05:43:02 EDT 2002

Hy mans...
I have a better idea. Its very, very simple!
Some times u can't do a port mirror or other modifications on the hardware/system of the client.
Depending on the hardware/system u have to learn how to do a port mirror to get all traffic on that box(switch).
Learn is cool man, but... some times... we dont have time to play with this toys.
Some times IT professionals dont configure the hardware/system like u like or when u want.
U have to do a complete solution without modifications or touch on any system/hardware of the company. Right?
Some time i hate IT professionals.
I saw many problems with "IT professionals x Security Officers".
ITS COOL MAN!!!  >:-)
They always have problems with our security work.
Maybe u r IT professional!!!  :-p~
If... I'm sorry... Forget what i said. :-p~~~

U can do that:

        COOL HUB ---------> SNORT SENSOR (only)


Its simple...  but work!!!
U can use that solution to anything (like SNIFFING / NIDS / SPOOFING / ETC... ).

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