[Snort-users] Problem getting Snort to Connect to PostgreSQL database

Alejandro Flores aflores at ...4218...
Wed May 15 04:40:03 EDT 2002

	Hi Brian,

	Follow these steps:
	(as root type:)
	#su - postgres
	$createdb snort
	#cd (snort_sources dir)
	#cd contrib
	#psql -U postgres snort < create_postgresql

	Now try to start snort.

See ya.


> Hi Folks,
> I'm sure I'm doing something stupid as I am new to both Snort and
> PostgreSQL. I'm running Snort version 1.8.7 beta 2 build 114 and
> PostgreSQL 7.2.1-4.  When I attempt to start Snort I get the error
> message:
> database: Connection to database 'snort' failed
> Fatal Error, Quitting..
> It's obvious that I've done something wrong, but was wondering if there
> was somewere I could look to find a few more clues as to why the
> connection to the database is failing?
> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated,
> Brian

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