[Snort-users] Multiple Content (not working?)

Carlos Kumbak ckumbak at ...1331...
Wed May 15 01:27:04 EDT 2002


I'm with some problems here while trying to configure
multiple content options to a rule.

I need to block a unique e-mail address to send messages
to all my users, but this messages can be posted to me.

well... I've tried two rules:
pass tcp $SMTPX any -> $MYSMTP 25
(content:"that at ...1266...";nocase;content:"my at ...1266...";n
alert tcp $SMTPX any -> $MYSMTP 25
(content:"that at ...1266...";nocase;resp:rst_all;)

May anyone help me to this work? plz!
I've lost some nights trying to figure out what's wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Carlos Kumbak
ckumbak at ...1331...

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