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if I understand you right snort works now but not the way you want. To help
you solve this issue too we need more information like I said before
including your snort.conf.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. I've got a snort 1..8.6 working on a slackware
8.0 with a network ethernet, I tried to do a lan scan through the IP but I see no result in the log files, every external attack is

Thanks a lot and kind regards

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You should use 
var HOME_NET []
If that doesn't help please send more information like which snort version,
os, how you test snort.


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I'm a new snort user, I set up the Home net "variabile" with my lan's range
IP, but the snort doesn't notice intrusions.Would it be possible to get more
informations about this matter?

I have setting in the snort.conf the variable:


Thanks a lot and kind regards

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