[Snort-users] Snort.conf question $HOME_NET Question V1.8.6

Rose, Jerry L SAJ Contractor Jerry.L.Rose at ...3923...
Tue May 14 13:27:05 EDT 2002

Running on Linux (RedHat 7.2) - Snort 1.8.6
My home network (internal network addresses) runs as 
follows (not my real addresses)...
and so on and so forth for about 70 entries.

If I try this in snort.conf...
var Home_NET [,,,the rest
then snort will not run.

I'm using this format below. Snort runs, but it seems that the 
variable HOME_NET isn't really what I think I am telling it to be.
var NET_01
var NET_02
var NET_03

var HOME_NET $NET_01 $NET_02 $NET_03


Alerts like $EXTERNAL_NET any > $HOME_NET any are being logged even though
the packets are coming from internal addresses - what I intended to be 
included in $HOME_NET.

Any Ideas?

jerry.l.rose at ...5866...
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